"ILLI Box 4. Summer" blog post by fashion blogger LUCINE


"There have been too many beauty boxes in the past couple of years. Some last, others are on their way out.

Despite the fact, my good friend and brilliant make-up artist Lidija Malinovskaja continues to produce her ILLI Beauty Box. For the fourth time, she has collected a number of great skin care and beauty products in one box, which is a great opportunity to try different products with minimal financial investment. Lidija attaches a short description to each product, so that after testing, I can buy them at a local cosmetics retailer.

To tell the truth, I haven’t tried any product yet, I’ve just received my box by mail. But I tested the previous ones, they were really good! I know that all ILLI Boxes are ordered in advance. The next one is coming out in autumn. Hurry up to avoid disappointment!"

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